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  • Name:Jessica Riddell
  • Location: United States of America, North Carolina
  • Medium: Ceramics (Clay), Digital Art (Photography, Manipulation, Painting, Drawing), Drawing (Pencil, Paper, Ink, Colored pencil, Canvas), Mixed Media (Collage, On Canvas, On Paper), Painting (Oil Pastels, Acrylic, Watercolor)
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Born in 1996 in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Jessica Riddell was introduced to art at a very young age. She started taking art classes in Kindergarten, and continued with it through Elementary school. She took art classes for two years while in middle school, and stopped her eighth grade year. She picked back up her freshman year of high school, and has currently taken up to Proficient Art III Honors. She didn\'t start taking her artistic talent seriously though, until seventh grade; that\'s when she noticed what potential she has.

She will be taking AP Studio Art and Advanced Art IV during her senior year of high school, next year. Her high school art career has been the most successful for her. Coming in as a freshman, she was recruited to join the National Art Honor Society. She turned down the invite though because she wanted to get used to high school and because she also wanted to play soccer when the season came around. Ryan McCredie, also known as Coach Mac, became her art teacher during her sophomore year of high school. He was also the soccer coach at her school. Mr. McCredie is the one person who has inspired her the most as an artist. \"Most of the techniques I have learned, I learned in his class. If I had to chose one person that I look up to the most as an artist, I would defiantly pick Coach Mac without a doubt.\" This was also the first year her school held an art auction, that she became involved in. During her Junior year, she was invited to join the National Art Honor Society again, and that\'s when she became a member. She was also involved in the second annual art auction held at her school. Her artwork was involved and she was also involved with helping run the program.

Artistic talent runs in her family. Growing up, her father has always done sculpting and woodwork around her. On her mother\'s side of the family, her grandfather used to draw; along with her uncle. Her grandmother and her second cousin, Paul, painted.

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