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My arts career began in 1996 and I was granted the opportunity to have a personal arts lesson with my uncle (Late Mansor Hj. Ghazalli) one of the greatest watercolorist members in Malaysia. In 2001 I had the opportunity to work and train closely with En.Zaini Zainul ,one of the prominent architect & artist in Malaysia.

Born in Taiping Perak in March 1979, I started my primary education at King Edward I, Taiping. Later I pursued education at SMV Kerian secondary school in Metal Fabrication. Naturally, my interest open forwards the field of architecture, at Polytechnic Ungku Omar Ipoh. Currently, I am an assistant architect in an established architect firm in Kuala Lumpur.
I became an artist because I had a talent and a love for art at a very young age. I always followed this direction and never considered any other. I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'d be a carpenter if I could not be a painter because like the carpenter builds things. I am more interested in the study of drawing and painting from the motif or from the conception of space and forming. My painting subjects focus on abstract landscape, townscape, cityscape and also portrait for commission work which painted with oil and acrylic with the touch of impressionist to expressionist.

The commercial goal, the required polished commercial work mentality is not about art but selling ideas that are not any part of arts deeper aesthetic value. This is the warning to the followers of postmodern artists. They have become the designers of ideas and the sellers of promises that are not a part of art so much as of the literature and fashion about art.
Ideally I prefer the role of teacher over designer. As a painter I can think more about what it takes to help a mind into a world that the literature on the arts has never succeeded in uncovering deeply. You can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t really learn art from a book. It takes a living soul working as an artist in that current pursuit to freshly convey what it takes to make art.
In my recent work explore color, all colors, responding to how they resonate against one another and how they create visual energy, or even how they provide a symbolic message. My current body of work reflects nature, in the form of trees. Trees represent many things too many people and so seem a universal reference point for faith or even life\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s journey. Their branches allow me to be creative with the picture plane, filling the negative spaces with brilliant color to represent light, or the way out or above………….

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