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I walk a path that is scientific, magickal, animistic/shamanic, the path of the artist, the dreamer, the mystic, the visionary, the medicine road.I am also a joker and goofball extraordinaire. I definitely embrace the path of The Fool.

My art has been included in several publications including Visions of Atlantis and SageWoman Magazine. Racially I identify with several different groups due to both heritage and community. I was raised in Oklahoma and am of Cherokee, Irish, German and Creole descent.

Spiritually I am a truth seeker and a beauty chaser. Imagination and curiosity. What if?


While the current trend seems to be rejection of labels and types from the git-go, I prefer to take a more Jungian attitude and embrace the archetypes as fundamental starting points as definers for individualism. Furthermore I think ARCHETYPES are IMPERATIVE for visual communications. As an artist I attempt to reconcile the types in the same way a psychotherapist would with a patient suffering from a personality disorder. With my primary focus on NATURE and my secondary focus on WOMEN, I see that we are ALL quite capable of wearing many different 'hats'. It is not only about accepting who we are, it is about rejoicing in our variety. Can a woman have multiple P.H.d's, be a sultry sex-pot AND be a mother? Yes. Certainly. And why not? Can a society be smart, creative, productive, peaceful, spiritual AND hedonistic to some degree?

In essence, my work is about expressing the highest potential of the macrocosm of society in the microcosm of a woman. It is about seeking and embracing one-ness with the universe, ourselves, eachother and the Men around us as WHOLE WOMEN, as Queens of Creation without the fetters of shame, guilt and fear. We are all daughters, sisters, mothers, wild women, amazons and crones. We are facets of a shimmering mystery that is only beginning to be realized anew. We are Goddess.


The visions expressed here are created using a variety of mediums. I strive to use the best quality paper and pigments possible.

Graphite, Charcoals, Pastels, Pen and Colored Inks, Liquid Acrylic Inks, Acrylics, Watercolors, Colored Pencils, Oils and occasionally digital media are my current mediums. Watercolor was my first love and remains near and dear to my heart and most originals unless otherwise noted are painted on either fine quality Strathmore 400 series or Arches cold pressed watercolor paper. I am currently only working on the superior Arches brand paper.

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