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Actiontintoy Design Laboratory, a MSC status company & award-winning Character Design & Interactive Content studio in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Founded by Tintoy Chuo, a multimedia design graduate that uncovered his true passion in cartoon and character creation, where he has done Mascot design for KFC Malaysia, Astro XTY channel, Cadbury Malaysia, Singapore Tourism, Nike Singapore, Channel-V Hong Kong, Swatch China, 7-up China, GamePox Sweden & many more. ActionTintoy was the grand winner for Malaysia's MDeC's 2009 IPCC animation Super-Pitch contest, & recently a regional winner for Japan TBS's 13th DigiCon6 animation contest.

Besides being conventional artist, ActionTintoy is also involved in game concept design & animated series, and new media design such as A.R.(Augmented Reality) development. His creative expertise has reached across the globe and back: Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Sweden, Canada and USA.

No stranger to design magazines and web portals, ActionTintoy constantly involves in international design collaboration campaigns to aid in promoting and increasing awareness about the Malaysian design industry, & giving talks nationally to share his valuable insight about character design.

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