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It always seems that my mind works in shapes, colors and patterns. By observing people closely, I change their features and their colors but somehow reflect their expressions and feelings.

I can’t recognize any process or even logic to my painting, just a constant flow of energy that guides me into portraying inner feelings, both mine and other people’s. It all apparently derives from the influence the individuals I have met or seen during my lifetime, as if situations inspire me to propose an alternate reality. My hands not always follow my commands, as my brain gives way to a sudden state of bliss. Then I am completely relaxed, simply channeling this flow of energy onto the canvas.

People and their expressions have always fascinated me, to see how different yet similar we all are. Bold colors reflect the intensity with which I live and view life. For my black lines, I choose to use liquid acrylic in a bottle and as each squirt of paint falls on the canvas, I capture the irregularity that defines us as humans. It also bestows a particular energy that mirrors my energetic personality.

Welcome to the world according to me!!

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