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The origin of creation

Since the childhood exposure towards the fishing villages and fishing boats, deep connection and emotion been developed inside me which highly and the most profound inspired me. Therefore, with regard to this stage, most of my artwork inspired from the fishing village scene.

The concept of creation

I personally have the thought that besides the unique structure of fishing boat, the its life also could be described as our human \\\\\\\"life\\\\\\\", both have to experience illness and finally face the death. A brand new fishing boat just likes a strong young man who is full of vitality. On the other hand, dilapidated fishing boat after years of baptism, the beauty of the traces on the boat not being treasured due to its old and broken body, even being discarded aside which makes people sad. This inspires and touches me a lot. Hence, through different types of painting styles, by using the realistic, impressionistic, or semi-abstract painting method to present my artwork where fishing boat as my theme to bring out the metaphor of boats towards the varied and fickle life experience.

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